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Dollar General : Employees Honored Through DG Kindness Campaign

At Dollar General, our mission of Serving Others is the foundation on which our business was built, continues to operate each and every day and serves as a guiding force to support our future. In 2020, the Company began a new DG Kindness campaign aimed at highlighting and recognizing employees’ positive impacts in communities across the country.

As part of the DG Kindness campaign, we are proud to recognize and highlight employees who embody our mission in their communities. We are further excited to support our employees’ efforts with a $1,000 donation to an organization within their local community.

To date, Dollar General has donated $58,000 to organizations as part of the DG Kindness campaign.

“Our team members are part of the fabric of the communities we call home,” said Denine Torr, Dollar General’s senior director of community initiatives. “Whether they are providing excellent customer service to Dollar General shoppers or going the extra mile to support a cause or organization they believe in, we want to celebrate and honor their commitment to Serving Others. The DG Kindness campaign gives employees the opportunity to provide funding to a deserving organization in their hometown, and it gives Dollar General the chance to recognize the important ways our employees are serving our communities.”

To learn more about Dollar General’s DG Kindness honorees, please see below.

The Company is honoring Store Manager Lana M. in Watertown, South Dakota for her commitment to Serving Others through a $1,000 donation to the Special Olympics. This donation is dedicated to Lana’s son and will assist in the organization’s work to give people with intellectual disabilities (ID) the confidence they need to succeed, on and off the playing field.

“Since working for Dollar General, my life has changed immensely,” said Lana. “After working in a factory for over 20 years, I accepted a role with Dollar General as a sales associate even though I didn’t know a lot about retail. They then trained and developed me into becoming a store manager. They accepted me for who I am which is a single mom of a special needs son, who has taught me to live in the moment, be joyful and kind to everyone you meet.”

DG Kindness recently received peer and customer notes highlighting Lana’s efforts in various acts of kindness with the Watertown community and her store team. She exemplifies Dollar General’s mission of Serving Others through shopping for homebound customers, preparing meals for community members, and coaching her son’s basketball team. One specific way Lana shows her care for Dollar General customers is by keeping her word to notify them if a product is back in stock.

“A few years ago, my mom purchased a moose mug for me from Dollar General. She shared how much I loved it with Lana and how I was hoping to collect more. Because the item was seasonal, I didn’t expect to find it again,” shared Kristen M., Dollar General customer. “Over a year later, my mom called to let me know she had mailed me a surprise which was another moose mug. I couldn’t believe it! Lana had remembered their conversation and my love for the special mug. My mom loves shopping at Dollar General because of Lana.”

Thank you Lana for spreading DG Kindness!

The Company is honoring Store Manager Pam M. and Assistant Store Manager John B. in Hickory, North Carolina for their commitment to Serving Others through a $1,000 donation to Outreach Ministry. This donation is to assist in the organization’s work to provide food, blankets and clothing to those without homes in the Hickory community.

“Upon meeting Pam and John, I quickly realized they are a dynamic duo. Together, they work to solve problems and ensure the customers shopping Store #9219 have what they need,” said Jovana Bukarica, Dollar General’s district manager. “Their community relies on them. This Christmas, they decided to go above and beyond. I am very proud and grateful to have them on my team. They are a great representation of what DG Kindness is about.”

Through conversation and customer care, Pam and John discovered a relocated family from New York in need as members visited the store daily. The father suffered from critical health issues and had a missing wheel from his wheelchair. In living out the Company’s mission of Serving Others, the Dollar General employees reached out to the local police department and other community leaders to support the family over the holidays. They were able to provide the family with food, toys, needed household supplies, and a new wheelchair. The store team is currently working with the police and fire department to build a ramp at the family’s home.

“I am fortunate to get to know my regular customers. This family caught my attention because of the care the young child took with his father,” shared Pam. “The father, in a wheelchair, and his son come to the store every day. The child was so attentive and helpful to his dad. He just touched my heart.”

The Company is honoring five Store Support Center employees (HR Senior Analyst Dianne J., Executive Assistant Kammy J., Licensing Team Leader Kristina Z., Senior Attorney Meghan B., and Paralegal Rachel K.) for their longstanding volunteer work with the Dollar General Literacy Foundation (DGLF). For living out Dollar General’s mission of Serving Others, DG Kindness is donating $1,000 to each of the following charities: Carnegie Public Library of Clarksdale, Mississippi; East Nashville Hope Exchange; Literacy Council of Middle Tennessee; Book ’em; and Madison Creek Elementary.

“Literacy is something I have always been passionate about,” shared Kristina Z., Dollar General’s licensing team leader. “Having been a tutor for the Literacy Council of Middle Tennessee and served on their board of directors, I am grateful to work for a company that is as passionate about learning as I am.”

With the shared adoration of furthering literacy initiatives, each of the employees have dedicated years of their time to be members on the Company’s “Team LIT.” Each year, Dollar General and the DGLF encourage nonprofit literacy organizations, schools and libraries in the communities the Company calls home to request funding to support their literacy and education efforts through our grant programs. In an effort to engage employees in the grant review process, the volunteer group was created in 2018.

The Company is honoring David P., Dollar General’s district manager, for his commitment to Serving Others through a $1,000 donation to Kansas City non-profit. This donation is to aid the Foundation’s mission to bring citizens and first responders together to support children’s needs within the communities called home.

“I joined Dollar General about seven months ago after being retail since 2006 and the one constant, regardless of the retail segment, is customer care, ” shared David. “When you show our customers that we care about them, as our friends and our extended family, we help to build relationships.”

In living out the Company’s mission of Serving Others, David organized an event during the holidays called “Blue Santa” that connected the local police department with families in need. With the support of his DG team (District Manager Lena Morris, Regional Asset Protection Manager Rhonda Rouchka, Regional Director Ben Franks and Store #7042, led by Dana Ricard), the event was able to donate 2,000 toys to families in the Kansas City and Grandview, Missouri communities.

“I am thankful to have David on the DG team. Not only is he producing great business results, but he is also quickly building relationships within the community. This event is a testimony to his impact,” shared Brett Sorensen, Dollar General’s regional director. “This was the first year Dollar General hosted this event, and the turnout was incredible. David’s care for others is contagious. We are fortunate to have him as a part of the DG family.”

The Company is honoring Joi B., Dollar General’s senior HR manager at the Indianola Distribution Center, for her commitment to Serving Others through a $1,000 donation to Inside Out Academy. This donation is to aid the Foundation’s mission to support children in the Cleveland, Mississippi community to build tomorrow’s leaders.

“I am thankful for Joi and her passion to help influence and lead the pre-teens and teenagers in our community, ” said Gary Brown, Dollar General’s Indianola Distribution Center director. “Her care for others is contagious. We are fortunate to have Joi as a part of the DG family.”

Joi has been with Dollar General since 2012, but her passion to support young women started 18 years ago when she began volunteering in the local community with her college sorority. Throughout January 2022, Joi hosted a feminine care and hygiene products donation drive with family and friends to create a ‘Keep It Cute’ shelf for the student resource center at Merritt Middle School in the Indianola community.

“Dollar General’s mission of Serving Others easily aligned with my own passion to give back to others,” shared Joi. “I created this drive to provide young girls the products they need to feel healthier and happy with themselves. These are resources that young girls may not have available. I did not want them to feel self-conscious and not have the products they may need.”

The items gathered for donation are rarely provided, which can lead to girls’ facing the difficulty of having a need and no access to the products. The donation drive was so successful, the school asked Joi if she would consider collecting socks to have on hand at the school as well.

“I never knew that something so small and basic, like socks and hygiene items, would have such an overwhelming positive response,” said Joi. “The reaction made me pause and reflect on how I sometimes take for granted these basics and my ability to have them readily available.”

The Company is honoring Brian V., Dollar General store manager, for his commitment to Serving Others through a $1,000 donation to Homewood Heritage Foundation. This donation is to assist the Foundation’s efforts in hosting community giving events and collections for those in need.

“Brian continuously goes the extra mile every day to maintain a great store and serve the community of New Castle,” said Matt Ward, Dollar General’s district manager. “The Company is honored have Brian representing Dollar General in living out our mission of Serving Others.

Brian is known in the community for his acts of compassion and genuine concern for his neighbors. At the beginning of the pandemic, Brian and his wife created a food bank on their front lawn called “Donate What You Can, Take What You Need” that collects pantry items such as milk, juice, snacks, bread, and household supplies for neighbors who felt unsafe leaving their homes. Nearly two years later, the couple continues to deliver boxes of fresh food and essentials to families impacted by COVID-19.

“Although working during the uncertain times of the pandemic was challenging, I found energy to help others beyond the store,” shared Brian. “I started with Dollar General eleven years ago and to this day, this job allows me to serve the community where my wife and I live, beyond being in-stock and open. Taking the time to really listen to our customers and community members is a large focus when training my store team. Sometimes our customers simply need to talk, and Dollar General is here for them. I love my community and being able to help others. One day, I may need help too!”

Not only does Brian show compassion for his neighbors through hunger relief and supply drive efforts, but also in his everyday leadership actions. Recently, Brian found an envelope of $1,000 cash on a shelf in his DG store. Luckily, there was a name inside the envelope, and with the help of his wife, was able to find the customer through social media. The customer was extremely grateful for Brian’s honesty and going above and beyond to get the cash back to her.

“I was shocked when I saw what was in the envelope,” shared Brian. “I knew I had to find who left the money and return it as soon as possible. It’s just what you do.”

Dollar General is honoring Diana Contreras, senior director of operational effectiveness in San Antonio, Texas, for her commitment to the development of others through a $1,000 donation to Literacy Texas to assist in their work to further adult learning and development.

“Diana is such a great steward of what makes Dollar General so special – our mission and values,” said Kathy Reardon, Dollar General’s executive vice president and chief people officer. “Whether with her co-workers or in the community she calls home, Diana embodies the selflessness ofServing Others and then puts the power of our fourth operating priority in to action each day – investing in our diverse teams through development, empowerment, and inclusion. It is an honor to work alongside Diana.”

Contreras has worked for Dollar General for over 10 years, serving as distribution director at the Company’s distribution center in San Antonio prior to her current role. Her commitment to helping others extends beyond Dollar General, where she currently sits on the Texas Adult Education and Literacy Board developing programs focused on adult learners. Contreras has worked with Texas A&M University, Literacy Texas and the Texas Workforce Commission to develop resources for Texas Center for Advancement of Literacy and Learning (TCALL), each of which ensure educators have applicable curriculum for adult learners entering the workforce.

“We are in the business of people and helping them become the best version of themselves,” said Contreras. “I ask employees what you want to do and then help them figure out how to reach that goal. By taking care of our employees, we help build stronger communities.”

Utilizing her more than 30 years of distribution and logistics experience, Contreras developed curriculum and created an employment guide for hiring for the Palo Alto College Supply Chain and Logistics degree programs. This in-depth guide provides a list of skills and experiences for positions in distribution, logistics and supply chain areas of business for students to use.

The community of Sparkman, Arkansas always leans in to ensure every student attending the community schools have the supplies they need. And this year, the community choose to reach out to their local Dollar General for the items needed. Ms. Rayanne T., a Sparkman K-12 teacher, is also a long-time Dollar General customer. She often shops at Dollar General store #20589 in Sparkman because of the service and commitment Store Manager Krista V. and her team have for their customers.

“For this year’s supply list, we decided to shop at our local, wonderful Dollar General. I gathered a list of needed supplies and brought it to Krista for review. Krista ensured all the product was available at the store, so we were able to cross every item off the list! This Dollar General has been such a blessing to our community. They are always helpful to answer questions, take time to help you find what you need and always greet you with a smile. You have no idea how much this helped our school, our students and our families in Sparkman,” stated Rayanne.

According to District Manager Sandy Rusher, “Krista and her team go above and beyond to help the Sparkman community. They are always willing to lend a helping hand to others.”

To recognize Krista and her team’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Harmony Grove School District to help support student programs.

Krista, thank you for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with kindness.

Store Manager Rebecca D. and Lead Sales Associate Emily D. of Williamsburg, PA have a combined 28 years of retail experience with Dollar General. They are dedicated to helping their community and wanted to bring joy to students and teachers as they headed back to school this fall. The team collected school supplies for their local school district to help ensure all students had the supplies they needed to be ready to learn.

“The idea came to us when helping a teacher shop for school supplies for her class,” stated Emily. “Buying school supplies can be a big expense for our customers. We were hoping to help lighten the load for parents, students and teachers.”

With the help of their community, the team collected over eight boxes of school supplies for the local school. “We are so grateful for our neighbors joining us and helping our local kids as they return back to school,” stated Rebecca.

According to District Manager, Sandy White, “I am so proud of Becca and Emily and their entire team for dedicating their time to gather school supplies for our local students. They both will go above and beyond for anyone and they are a true example of Dollar General’s mission of Serving Others.”

To recognize Rebecca and Emily’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Williamsburg Community School District to help students achieve a brighter future.

Rebecca and Emily, thank you for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with kindness.

Rebecca C. has a long history of Serving Others in the small community of Elberta, Alabama. She has been with Dollar General for 15 years and has a heart and passion for helping her employees, customers, and community members. Most recently, she has been supporting the community through a program called “Blessed to Blessing Boxes.” She has raised awareness and helped a local non-profit organize this program so that members of the community can take food and basic hygiene items when needed. Because of Rebecca’s commitment, she has been able to rally support from the community to fill boxes each week so that no one has to go without the basic necessities.

Senior Vice President of Store Operations, Connie Droge shared, “On a recent store visit, I witnessed customer after customer come into the store, each greeting Rebecca by name and her doing the same. Her positive and profound impact on this community is evident! Rebecca shared that her drive to help others came from a time fifteen years ago, when she was supported by District Manager, Dawn Orr. Rebecca shared that she has been working to pay it forward to others in need since that day.”

Dawn shared, “To talk about Rebecca is so easy. She is a person who makes a difference, and she commits fully with her whole heart. I have never met someone so passionate about helping others. Customers frequently share with me how she has changed their lives through her acts of kindness and care. We are super thankful to have her in our DG family.”

To recognize Rebecca’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Blessed to Blessings Boxes for Baldwin County to help support hunger relief.

Kim E., manager of Store #16642 in Tar Heel, North Carolina, has a tremendous love for her community. So much so, that a local nonprofit organization awarded her the title of “Mrs. North Carolina Queen of Hope.” She is always looking for ways to bring joy and hope to her co-workers, customers, friends and family. As a cancer survivor, Kim supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital during the Thanks and Giving campaign by making wreaths during the holidays. She also regularly donates school supplies to two local schools in her community, Plainview Elementary and Tar Heel Middle School.

Kim’s neighbors agree that she is a pillar of the community. Mr. Martin and Mr. Tedder, Bladen County residents, shared, “Kim’s acts of kindness can be seen throughout the community. She is always lending a helping hand to the elderly and those in need.”

According to District Manager, Tonya Jackson, “Upon meeting Kim the first time I quickly realized she was a caring, compassionate and kind person. Kim is all heart, a true give and believer. She is proud of her title as ‘North Carolina Queen of Hope’which is awarded for acts of giving and kindness in the Tar Heel community.” Tonya went on to say, “I am a better person for being able to spend the day with Kim and strive to be like her every day.”

To recognize Kim’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital to help support their life-saving working.

District Manager Melody W. from District 102 in Iowa takes every opportunity to help people in the communities she serves. On a store visit to #21634, she noticed a cart of nonperishable food and other items being collected for a nonprofit that serves homeless individuals in the community. In the true spirit of Serving Others, Melody rolled the cart to the register and bought every item in it. Melody’s kindness didn’t stop there. She also donated blankets and clothing.

Melody is always looking for ways to help others and spread kindness. Recently, a family in Melody’s community lost everything in a fire. She gathered clothes for the children and donated a Dollar General gift card. When Melody sees her store managers helping their communities, she encourages them and supports them in their efforts.

Melody leads by example and her employees admire her leadership. Store Manager Heidi B. shared, “As a store manager, Melody always gives me the support I need to be the best I can be for my community. She honestly embodies everything Dollar General stands for in every way. She is a fantastic leader and goes above and beyond for her Dollar General family and the communities we serve.”

Paul V. is a peer of Melody and shared, “Melody is always available for her team and such a hard worker. She treats every employee as if they are part of her family. She gets to know her employees on a personal basis and truly cares about them. She goes above and beyond when it comes to helping her team and taking care of customers.”

To recognize Melody’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Riverside Community Church to help support their food pantry program.

Ashley from Store #21160 in Oakville, Washington is a dedicated and very busy mom of two. Ashley has always been driven to create a positive impact in every aspect of her life. She values education and reading and has instilled this in her children.

When Ashley joined the Dollar General team and learned about the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, she became very passionate about the mission and began sharing this with her customers in her daily interactions. Ashley also shared this new-found passion with her family. Over dinner, she would talk about her day and would share how raising money in our stores helps literacy programs at nonprofits, schools and libraries.

The next time Ashley’s children were in the store they made a $40 donation to DGLF. When asked how they knew what their money was supporting, they quickly replied “it helps people like me learn to read.” Her son then explained that he needed extra help to learn to read and he hopes his donation helps another person.

“Ashley joined our team in early 2021 and was quickly promoted to Assistant Store Manager because of her curiosity, desire to serve others and ability to connect with the teams and customers,” said District Manager Julia K. “I was incredibly impressed with Ashley as a parent, teaching her children about philanthropy. I was so inspired by Ashley’s children who both had such giving hearts at a very young age.”

According to Store Manager Stanley J., “Ashley is driven, flexible, detailed oriented and well respected by the Oakville staff. I am blessed to have her as my right hand.”

To recognize Ashley’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Oakville Timberland Library to help support youth summer reading programs.

One evening, Sherry, store training manager at Store #10176 in Ida Grove, Iowa, was preparing the store for close when an elderly gentleman walked in lost and confused. The gentleman became lost on his way to his sister’s house after going the wrong direction on the interstate. Sherry figured out that his sister lived more than two hours from the store, but he didn’t have her phone number or exact address. With a little investigative work, Sherry determined the city where his sister lived and called the police department to locate her. Sherry secured a free night’s stay at a hotel and a hot meal since it was too late for the gentleman to drive to his sister’s house. The next day, the gentleman’s sister called Sherry to let her know that he arrived safely.

“Sherry is always ready to lend a hand for her team and is committed to her store and community,” said District Manager Jacob W. “She truly lives the values that the DG Family embodies with her Serving Others attitude. On behalf of District 624 and Region 58, thank you Sherry for everything you do. It is an honor to have you as part of the family!”

To recognize Sherry’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Connections Area Agency on Aging to help support senior citizens.

Every week, Eric, an employee at the DG Store Support Center, takes time out of his schedule to coach and mentor kids through the Commando Takedown Club, a local nonprofit wrestling team. Eric’s mentorship focus’ on providing real-life opportunities to help students learn the values of teamwork, individuality, and goal setting, while providing a fun and engaging atmosphere for the kids to learn. Through his mentorship and leadership, he is helping the youth build self-confidence, mental toughness and competitiveness.

“What stands out the most to me is when Eric shares his coaching wisdom and experiences with his work team during our conference calls. You can really tell he is passionate about this organization and the impact it has on his community,” said Environmental Services Senior Manager Kristin E. “Seeing this kind of altruism from my leadership inspired and encouraged me to give back in my community!”

To recognize Eric’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to the Commando Takedown Club help support youth wrestling programs.

A regular customer at Carolyn’s store in Rison, Arkansas, Ms. Jacks, was paying for her items with a check and the printer was having trouble reading it. Carolyn made several attempts but was not able to process her payment. In the true spirit of Serving Others, Carolyn took out her own bank card and paid for Ms. Jack’s items. This is a regular occurrence as Carolyn treats all of her customers like family. As it turns out, Ms. Jacks is the grandmother of Regional Director April Morgan.

According to Morgan, “My grandmother always has the best things to say about Carolyn and her team. On this specific occasion, Carolyn went above and beyond to take care of my grandmother and acts like this do not go unnoticed.”

“I am so excited and proud to be working with Carolyn,” said District Manager Rodney Pagans. “Carolyn is selfless and kind to everyone she meets. This is just her nature. She is a person that I look up to and I know others look up to her also. I truly appreciate her for being the special person she is, and this is just one example of the many times she has been kind!”

To recognize Carolyn’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to a local senior citizen organization to help support senior adult programs.

This week’s featured act of DG Kindness is from Allen from Store #17819 in New Castle, Pennsylvania!

In the summer of 2020, Allen heard that the local high school had cancelled senior night and prom due to COVID-19. The Parent Teacher Organization had decided to organize an event for the students and in the true spirit of Serving Others, Allen donated party supplies and decorations to support their efforts. His store team was so inspired, they joined him and donated masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and school supplies from their own pockets. Allen’s acts of kindness didn’t stop there! In February 2021, he rallied the community to donate firewood, groceries and their time to help an elderly neighbor who was injured. Allen is an inspiration to his team and the New Castle community.

“Thank you to Allen and Dollar General for the donations to support the Laurel Jr. and Sr. Prom this year! The kids had a fantastic evening and made memories they will cherish forever. You are a fantastic manager and our community is lucky to have you at our DG store,” said students from Laurel Junior and Senior High School.

According to District Manager, Matt Ward, “When I think of community engagement, the first name that comes to my mind is Allen. He is always willing to give a helping hand to others.”

To recognize Allen’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Laurel Junior and Senior High School to help support student programs. Allen, thanks for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with your kindness.

This week’s featured act of DG Kindness is from Monte at the Fulton, Missouri Distribution Center!

Every Tuesday evening for the past nine years, Monte has volunteered with Vision 3:16, a nonprofit organization that provides eyeglasses to the visually impaired. Vision 3:16 collects, cleans and reconditions donated eyeglasses to give to individuals across the United States and Mexico through free clinics. Often, recipients cannot afford glasses and have not owned a pair before. Monte has helped process over 40,000 pairs of glasses during his time with Vision 3:16. Since Monte began volunteering more than nine years ago, he has helped thousands of people see clearly.

“Thank you Dollar General for employing great people like Monte. He is a blessing to our community, our church and especially to the Vision 3:16 ministry,” said Larry Merry, Director of Vision 3:16. “Monte’s task is to measure the prescription of each lens in each pair of glasses. It is one of the most technical tasks that we do and our work could not be complete without his help.”

According to Senior DC Director Steve Gibson, “Monte is an intricate part of the Fulton Distribution Center team and displays dedication to the mission of Serving Others every day. Monte serves his team members by ensuring they have the proper tools and training to complete their jobs efficiently and provide product to the stores. Monte gives 110% to every task and has an extreme sense of urgency to help during tough times. Monte’s passion to Serving Others is not only expressed within the DC for the past 22 years, but throughout surrounding communities as well. Monte is someone who genuinely cares about his job and all those who work with him. He is a leader, teacher, and role model; and Serving Others is only a small part of what he does for Dollar General and the community.”

To recognize Monte’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Vision 3:16 to help support individuals with vision needs. Monte, thanks for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with your kindness.

For more than three years, an elderly gentleman named Arthur has been a regular customer at our store in Coloma. During a snowstorm this winter, Arthur couldn’t make it to his local DG in Coloma to get the items he needed due to his car breaking down and health issues. Mike, assistant store manager at store #18334, heard about Arthur’s challenges and immediately offered to help. In the spirit of Serving Others, Mike picked up Arthur’s shopping list, gathered his items and delivered them to Arthur’s home. Arthur was incredibly thankful. Mike still regularly helps Arthur with his shopping needs and was recently promoted to store manager at Store #13438 in Covert, Michigan.

According to District Manager, Gerielle Bogus, “We are proud of Mike and the extraordinary example he has set. Mike is an invaluable member of the D440 team. He embodies what it means to serve others by what he does every day for his teammates and his community.”

To recognize Mike’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to North Berrien Senior Center to help support older adults by providing daily lunches, transportation services and programs to meet their physical needs.

Tim is a wonderful customer who shops regularly at Tanya’s store and is legally blind. In the spirit of Serving Others, Tanya walks with Tim after his shopping trips to ensure he arrives home safely. Tanya said, “Our team comes together every day to help people in need, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be there for Tim. I hope someone would do the same for me.” Store Manager Cathy echoes this sentiment, “This shows how far our team goes to not only serve others but to go above and beyond for others.”

According to District Manager Manny Rocha, “Our greatest asset is the customer. Tanya treats each customer as if they are the only one. We’re blessed to have her as part of our team!”

To recognize Tanya’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Seedlings Braille Books for Children to help visually impaired youth strengthen their literacy skills and enhance their love of reading. Tanya, thanks for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with your kindness.

When a local kindergarten teacher and frequent shopper at store #11296 in Rogers, Texas, found herself unable to pay for school supplies needed for her classroom, Store Manager Crystal stepped in to purchase the items for the classroom. A few days later, the teacher revisited the store with a special delivery of letters written by her kindergarten students thanking Crystal for her generosity. Crystal’s act of kindness to help the teacher purchase the supplies her students and classroom need on a regular basis exemplifies the true spirit of DG’s mission of Serving Others.

According to District Manager Gabriel Garza, “Crystal is an amazing talent who loves to help and train. Her positive attitude permeates the store and the community in which she works. She has the heart of a teacher, never missing an opportunity to help a fellow team member, including myself, when needed. She is a pleasure to work with, driven and dedicated, and an asset to the company.”

To recognize Crystal’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to High Point Elementary School to help students achieve a brighter future. Crystal, thanks for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with kindness.

District Manager Denise was inspired after reading a Facebook post from Shepherd’s House, a non-profit organization serving the Knox County, Ohio area. Shepherd’s House serves individuals experiencing homelessness by providing food, clothing and hygiene items. Their program was running low on supplies and Denise immediately reached out to the DG Stores in her district and began collecting hats, gloves, warm socks, blankets, and bars of soap. In the true spirit of Serving Others, the team collected three large boxes of donations within one week.

“It is a joy to have the opportunity to work with Denise who is a consummate professional who keeps promises made,” said Joe Noonen, Director of Shepherd’s House. “Her can and will do attitude coupled with her personal excitement in delivering items and understanding their benefits makes this relationship rich beyond resources. Dollar General is fortunate to have her on the team and we are fortunate to have seen her heart in action.”

According to Regional Director Jim Winkler, “Denise creates an environment of enthusiasm and excellence every day, while living out our Dollar General Mission of Serving Others. Denise encourages her team to think beyond the current customer needs and has inspired our associates to be part of their communities. Our associates, the communities we serve, and myself are amazed at her selflessness. I am blessed to have Denise on our team.”

To recognize Denise’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Shepherd’s House to assist those experiencing homelessness with food, clothing, and hygiene items. Denise, thanks for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with kindness.

This week’s featured act of DG Kindness is from Assistant Store Manager Heather at Store #16716 in Montezuma, Iowa!

When an elderly gentleman requested a money order, Heather had a feeling something was wrong. With some investigation, she found out the customer was being scammed. A few days later, the elderly man’s daughter came back to the store to thank Heather. The daughter shared on Facebook, “Heather went above and beyond her job to show she truly cares about people. When I tried to thank Heather, she replied that she was just doing her job. Heather stopped something that could have cost my dad all his savings. Dollar General has some great employees doing great things!”

According to District Manager Melody Whitten, “Heather always gives 100% in everything she does. Everyone on the team looks up to her. She is willing to go the extra mile and truly cares about the community and her customers. She believes that customers come first, and it shows. Heather is a huge part of her location and District 102. She truly is kind at heart and walks the walk.”

To recognize Heather’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Montezuma Community Development Corporation to help support senior programs in the local community. Heather, thanks for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with kindness.

Every day is an opportunity to reach out and show an act of kindness. Becky embodies this mantra by helping others in the Martinsville, Illinois, community. In the spirit of Serving Others, she has volunteered with and coordinated support for healthcare workers at a local nursing home, animal rescues, senior care centers and children at the Shriners Hospital. To further help her community and families in crisis, Becky also coordinates with Martinsville on the Move to have water, snack and supplies available for families in need of assistance.

“Dollar General coming into our community was such a boost to our efforts. [The store] team here, led by Becky Littlejohn, does a great job and always works hard to have the inventory we need as we plan events,” said Norma Calvert, President of Martinsville on the Move.

According to District Manager Mary Hartke, “Becky has a heart of gold and consistently finds ways to connect with her customers and her community. I am so proud of the work she does and consider myself blessed to have her on my team.”

To recognize Becky’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Martinsville on the Move to support local families in crisis and summer reading programs. Becky, thanks for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with kindness.

DG’s featured act of DG Kindness for the week of March 8 is Store Manager Joe at Store #0460 in Beattyville, Kentucky!

In early March 2021, many communities across Kentucky faced major flooding and high water. Due to impassable roads that kept him from his store, Joe decided to lend a hand to those in his community. In the true spirit of Serving Others, he stepped in to help a fellow manager conduct inventory in a neighboring district. Although the roads the next morning were still impassable, Joe was determined to get to his store and provide the community with much needed food and supplies. To do so, Joe enlisted the help of rescuers with boats to give him a ride across town so he could open his store and serve his customers.

According to District Manager Kathy Combs, “Joe has a huge heart and is very caring. He is always willing to help his team, customers and community. He is a true leader.”

To recognize Joe’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to the American Red Cross to aid those affected by flooding in Kentucky. Joe, thank you for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with your kindness.

When natural disasters strike, please stay safe. If you see standing water on the roadway, please turn around and do not attempt to cross.

This week’s featured act of DG Kindness is from Lisa at Store #16853 in Lima, Ohio!

One act of kindness can create a wave of caring. On a snowy day, a gentleman walked into Lisa’s store wearing cleats, pants that were too small and a tarp wrapped around his upper body. He purchased a toy and a woman’s shirt. It was obvious he was purchasing these items for his family. As he was leaving, Lisa stepped into action and gave him the coat off her back. A customer in the parking lot saw this and bought him a hat and gloves. Another customer jumped in and bought him a hot meal. One act of kindness inspiring another, a perfect example of Dollar General’s mission of Serving Others. Lisa says this story has a happy ending because Coleman’s Professional Services is assisting the gentleman in finding a home and place of employment.

According to District Manager Eric Forsyth, “Lisa cares very much for her customers and the surrounding community. Her passion to serve is why I chose her to move into a leadership position once she rejoined the DG Team late last year. I knew the pride she takes in her work and being able to serve the community would take her a long way into being successful as a store leader for us.”

Eric adds, “I am extremely proud of her. In these tough times I always try to remind my team to make someone’s day better every day we can. No act of kindness goes without causing a positive ripple in peoples’ lives and those around us.”

To recognize Lisa’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Coleman’s Profession Services to help support local individuals in crisis. Lisa, thanks for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with your kindness.

For more than two years, Charlotte and Darla from Store #08218 in Dothan, Alabama have partnered with the Southern Alabama Regional Council on Aging (SARCOA) to provide seniors with groceries, toiletries, cleaning products and other necessary items. During the pandemic, many seniors were afraid to shop in person or didn’t have transportation to the local Dollar General store. Charlotte, Darla and the team at Store #08218 worked together to gather supplies to distribute to seniors in need.

According to the Director of SARCOA Terri Francis, “we love Dollar General and especially Charlotte and Darla who are so amazing to work with. They not only helped us serve our seniors and adults with disabilities during our Santa for Seniors program, but they help us all year.”

According to District Manager Leslie Soard, “I am so proud of Charlotte, Darla and their entire team for dedicating their time to such a worthy organization. Every day they ‘Walk the Walk’ and are a true example of Dollar General’s mission of Serving Others.”

To recognize Charlotte and Darla’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to the Southern Alabama Regional Council on Aging to help make a difference in the lives of seniors and disabled individuals. Thanks for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with kindness.

Three years ago, the Landing Bridge, a local nonprofit organization, reached out requesting volunteers to mentor children in crisis. Johanna answered the call. Each week she attends the Landing Bridge two-hour meeting where she serves as a small group leader and provides encouragement to kids who are homeless, hungry and looking for guidance and support. During these meetings, not only does she lead group conversations and help extend hope, but she also helps ensure the children attending receive a few things they need such as toiletry items, clothes, shoes and socks. Every meeting ends with a meal for the children and some fun activities.

According to Riley Seals, Sr. Director of the Ardmore Distribution Center, “Johanna has been an inspiration for our team as she has helped mentor these kids. Her willingness to step outside her comfort zone says a lot about Johanna and we’re all very proud of her for being a great role model of Serving Others.”

To recognize Johanna’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to the Landing Bridge to help support local children in crisis. Thanks for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with kindness.

This week’s featured act of DG Kindness is from Stores #02983, #08578, #21001, and #15640 in Adams and Brown Counties, Ohio!

In December 2020, a power plant in Manchester, Ohio, collapsed and left many missing. Our stores in Adams and Brown Counties immediately sprang into action. In the true spirit of Serving Others, the teams headed to the site to help serve lunch and donate food, water, and supplies to the local emergency responders and families.

According to Regional Director Michael Rancourt, “As I reflect on the actions of the district managers, store managers and team members that stepped up over the course of two weeks during this tragedy, it just made sense to me. Our customer is our friend. They are family. They go to our church. We see them at the local diners for breakfast on Saturdays. We wave to them as we drive to work while they cut their grass. The team jumped into action because that’s what we do for our family. That is what we do for our neighbors and friends. We find a way to measure many things in the business world. I think this team showed us how to measure heart and compassion through their selfless acts.”

According to Store Manager James Herrington, “our community is like family. Through thick and thin you can always count on the DG family to be there for our customers especially during times of tragedy. We will gladly give you the shirt off our backs if it means you are no longer cold. We serve out of love and not for the recognition.”

To recognize the Adams and Brown Counties store teams’ efforts of providing meals to relieve workers during the tragedy, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to a local food pantry to assist individuals during their time of need.

At Dollar General, Serving Others is part of who we are. We strive to serve our customers and give back to the communities we call home. Store Manager, Jamie Cadle, lives by this motto every day. While working at her store, one of her regular customers, Tom, walked in and greeted her with a warm hello. On this particular day, Jamie wasn’t feeling well, so Tom promptly went home and brought her back some homemade soup. That was the start of a very special friendship.

This past June, Tom experienced some life issues and suddenly found himself, like so many other Americans, in financial hardship. His situation was so dire that he was homeless. He also had no family or anyone to turn to, but he always knew where to find Jamie. One day, Tom showed up at the store visibly upset. Jamie began talking to Tom and he explained how desperate, scared and lost he felt. Tom was eligible for Social Security benefits, but with no Social Security card or home address he felt hopeless. He didn’t know where to begin. That’s where Jamie stepped in to pay back Tom’s kindness. Jamie worked side by side with Tom to obtain necessary information and successfully applied for a Social Security card. Next, she helped him get a post office box so his Social Security checks could be delivered. Today, Tom is getting his checks and he’s able to provide for himself. However, that’s not where this journey ends. Jamie is currently working on getting Tom settled into a new home. Their story continues to unfold, but one thing is certain, these two are friends for life.

According to District Manager, Leroy Steiner, “When thinking about Store Manager Jamie Cadle, I’m reminded of the quote, ‘Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.’ Jamie’s selfless actions can be seen around the District, as others have begun to emulate her kindness. I’m so proud of her and also feel very blessed to have her be a special part of Team #114!”

To recognize Jamie’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to?a nonprofit in Jamie’s community that assist individuals in need of food, clothing or shelter. Thank you Jamie for inspiring those around you with your kindness.

In August 2020, a small fire around Beachie Creek smoldered in a remote area of Oregon’s Opal Creek Wilderness. The fire grew to become one of the most destructive wildfires in Oregon history. In Heidi’s community alone, 497 homes were lost.

Every day as Heidi drove to work, she saw what used to be lush green tree-lined highways that were gone and homes that were nothing more than piles of twisted metal and ash. The destruction was heavy on her heart.

In the true spirit of Serving Others, Heidi rolled up her sleeves and started performing small acts of kindness for her neighbors. She helped community members sift through the destruction to look for family treasures that may have survived the fire. She sat with neighbors who needed someone to talk to. She also purchased 150 angels and placed them at the front of the driveways of homes that were destroyed to try to bring hope to those who lost everything.

According to District Manager, Torry Mayfield, “Heidi has been inspirational to our whole district. During the fires she drove clothes to our team members that were displaced. When she was able to get back to the store, Heidi helped collect donations of water and basic essentials for people in the community. She listened to her customers that lost their homes in the fire and consoled and cried with them.”

To recognize Heidi’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to the Santiam Canyon Wildfire Relief Fund to support the Santiam Canyon residents affected by the fire. Thank you Heidi for inspiring those around you with kindness.

This week’s DG Kindness honoree is Trish Dunn from Store #05892 in French Settlement, Louisiana!

On August 27, 2020, Hurricane Laura made landfall and devastated the community near Cameron, Louisiana. It caused significant damage to homes and businesses and left many individuals without power for days. Seeing the community in need, Trish jumped into action. With the help of her team, Trish collected nine rolltainers of food, supplies and water valued at more than $20,000. When asked why she led the collection efforts, Trish said, “I want our customers to know if they need help or if they are hungry, they are always welcome here at our store and we will help them.”

According to District Manager Josh Lavalais, “Trish is a true leader. She is the backbone of the district and a pillar in her community. Trish is always leading by example and always striving for excellence which motivates her peers to also strive for excellence!”

To recognize Trish’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to a local nonprofit that assists individuals in need of food, clothing or baby goods. Thanks for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with kindness!

This week’s honoree, Kelly Blankenship, Division Vice President (D5), received multiple nominations sharing stories about his many acts of compassion and servant leadership.

  • Kelly was visiting members of our team when a customer walked in with bags on her feet because she didn’t have any shoes. Kelly purchased shoes for her.
  • While helping at the register, a mother of three couldn’t get her EBT card to work. She started crying and putting her food and supplies back. Kelly purchased all of her items.
  • When visiting a store in Washington State, Kelly saw a teacher putting together treats and gifts for her classroom. She was obviously trying to stay within a budget. Kelly handed his personal credit card to the DM and paid for the entire transaction.
  • We stopped to get gas while visiting stores. While we were at the gas station, Kelly saw an elderly man struggling to figure out how to use the pump. Kelly went over and pumped the gas for him. You could see the relief and appreciation in the gentleman’s face.
  • Every time Kelly visits the store, he buys the team drinks and always donates to literacy.

“Kelly selflessly gives of his extreme talent as a merchant and operator, but he goes above and beyond when he sees people in need,” said Vice President Divisional Manager, Derin Briggs. “Great opportunities to help others surround us every day. Kelly does not wait for these opportunities. He seeks them out and acts on them every day. He is a great example of someone that walks the walk and lets his actions speak louder than words.”

Retail District Manager, Julia King, says it best, “Kelly lives our mission of Serving Others with extreme generosity. Kelly believes in doing good just to bring joy to another person’s day. He also believes that when you get to a spot in life where you can help others that you should reach out and lift others up. “

To recognize Kelly’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to the Mason Food Pantry to help provide food and supplies for individuals and families in need.

When District Manager (District 740) Cassie Wagoner heard that the Superior First United Methodist Church could not open their doors unless they could provide masks for every attendee, she jumped into action! Cassie purchased a generous amount of PPE supplies and sanitizer so worship could resume. In the true spirit of Serving Others, Cassie spent three weekends sewing 100 masks in different sizes to make sure children and adults could attend service.

“We are deeply grateful to Cassie for giving her time, energy and materials so that our members could have a sense of normalcy during the pandemic,” said Pastor Natalie Faust of Superior First United Methodist Church.

According to Regional Director Zeb Boomgaarden, “Cassie is a selfless leader that truly reflects acts of kindness in all that she does. I cannot count how many times I’ve heard from our district managers and store managers about how amazing Cassie has been in leading and supporting our store teams. Thank you, Cassie for always serving others!”

To recognize Cassie’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Superior First United Methodist Church to support their hunger relief efforts and education programs.

Store Manager, Katie Boccanelli, said, “It is not uncommon for one of our regular customers to come into our store and be greeted by name and the associate ask them how their family is doing.” Two of the store’s daily shoppers, Josh and Shannon, recently had a baby. The baby was premature, and the family was not quite prepared for her early arrival. Breanna struck up a conversation with Josh and they swooned over pictures of baby Victoria. In the true spirit of Serving Others, Breanna came in the next day with a bag of preemie and newborn baby clothes to donate to the family. Now every day when Josh and Shannon visit the store, Breanna and her team members are excited to hear updates about baby Victoria. Store Manager, Katie Boccanelli, said, “My heart was warmed by Breanna’s kind act and by her genuine desire to help someone in need.”

In September 2020, Hurricane Sally devastated the community of Baldwin County, Alabama. When Assistant Manager Lisa heard that local police were working around the clock, she jumped into action by supplying drinks and snacks to the officers who needed it. Lisa also brought supplies to the linemen restoring power in the community and to the Medstar ambulance teams stationed near her store. In addition, she made three pots of soup to serve to the National Guard who were distributing emergency supplies in the area.

In honor of Lisa’s dedication to serving the first responders in her community, Dollar General made a $1,000 donation to Catholic Social Services to provide groceries and clothing to families who have fallen upon hard times. Thank you for inspiring others with your acts of kindness and service, Lisa!

In August of 2013, Barbara’s husband, Walter, was diagnosed with cancer. After months of treatment, Walter was sent home on hospice care. A few weeks later Walter’s doctor called with good news. A new chemotherapy treatment had been approved and he qualified. Within two weeks Walter was up walking and talking again. Barbara and Walter were able to spend another five years together. In honor of her husband, Barbara began supporting local fundraising efforts to support cancer research and care. As part of her efforts, she built children’s workbenches to auction that were a huge success.

According to HR Senior Manager, Beth Cocchiarella, “Barbara has been with DG for 23 years and each year does an amazing job in helping raise money for Relay for Life. Barbara has such a passion and commitment to fighting this awful disease. The workbench she created allows children to play, build things and grow their imagination while the funds raised from it support life-saving research that can help other families.”

To recognize Barbara’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General is making a $1,000 donation to Mercy Health Foundation Ardmore to help patient programs and to provide exceptional health care to the residents of Ardmore, OK. Thanks for your act of service and for inspiring those around you with kindness.

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools in his area, Dollar General fresh facility private fleet driver Martin R. learned there were several students in his daughter’s classroom who would not have hot meals at home. To help out, Robles and his daughter formed a lemonade stand to raise money for the San Antonio Food Bank. Through their efforts, they managed to raise $570, and their kindness and generosity helped more families in the local community have access to meals through the food bank’s services.

Dollar General also donated $1,000 to the San Antonio Food Bank in honor of Martin and his daughter to help even more families in need.

When store manager Tammy C. of Arlington, Texas learned that some of her customers were unable to visit their loved ones at a local nursing home due to COVID-19 restrictions, she reached out to others in her district to provide gift bags to all 99 residents at the local nursing home in her area. The seniors were provided with everyday essentials and several small prizes for bingo. Tammy and her team’s act of kindness let local seniors know that the community is thinking about them during a very difficult time.

To recognize Tammy’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General donated $1,000 to Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County to support their home delivery meals to the elderly.

Walter R., a store manager in Fowler, California, strives to provide excellent customer service to each DG shopper that comes through his store, but one customer in particular is very special to him. Ms. Arpie is a retired high school teacher who stops by the store almost every day. Over the years, Walter and Ms. Arpie formed a friendship, with Walter even organizing a surprise birthday party for Ms. Arpie’s 80th birthday at the store, which included the local high school’s marching band where she taught, several of her former students, the store team and even the Mayor of Fowler.

“Ms. Arpie has become a friend and is well known and loved in the Fowler community,” Walter said. “No matter how busy I am, I always make time to answer her calls. We chat for five minutes about nothing, but those five minutes mean everything to us both.”

To recognize Walter’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General made a $1,000 donation to Fowler High School, the same school where Ms. Arpie taught for many years.

Store manager Brandi W. in Sebree, Kentucky recently provided a local family with the supplies and essentials they needed when facing a financial hardship. Then, shortly after learning that the family needed a new mattress, Brandi and the store team pooled their money to provide a mattress for the family out of their own pockets.

“Brandi has one of the most genuine, kindest souls that I have ever seen,” Dollar General district manager Tricia Vanover said. “Her love for people is heartfelt and so inspiring. It doesn’t matter what is going on in the store, Brandi’s number one focus is her customers. She lives our mission of Serving Others daily.”

On behalf of Brandi and the store team, Dollar General provided a $1,000 donation to Landon’s Hope Resource Center to provide additional resources for families in the area.

Lead sales associate Monica L. in Havana, Illinois and her children spent time during the COVID-19 pandemic partnering with the Midwest Food Bank of Illinois-Peoria to distribute food and basic hygiene supplies to over 100 families in their hometown community.

“Monica is a great asset to my team and Dollar General,” said Dollar General store manager Beth F. “She is always willing to go that extra step to help a teammate or a customer. She has a heart of gold and truly cares about the surrounding communities she supports through volunteering.”

Because of Monica’s act of DG Kindness, Dollar General donated $1,000 to the Midwest Food Bank of Illinois-Peoria.

When nearly 60 structures were destroyed by a fire in Niland, California in late June, more than 30 families were left with no home. The store team at store #17010 in Calipatria, California sprang into action to help pass out water and support cleanup efforts in the community.

Store manager Alex R. led the team’s efforts to support those affected by the Niland fire.

“The entire team in some way pitched in to support the community of Niland,” Alex said. “Our customers are like family, and they are part of the store. We are not just another retailer to the community-we are one big family.”

Dollar General donated $1,000 to Forgotten Angels, a nonprofit organization in Niland, California, on behalf of the store team.

This summer, Brittany W., Emilia S., Aleece M. and Hannah H. of Shawneetown, Illinois each volunteered with the City of Shawneetown’s Hawks Lunch Bunch meals program to prepare and assemble lunches to ensure children in their community did not go hungry during the summer months.

To show appreciation and support of store team #11119, Dollar General made a $1,000 donation to the City to Shawneetown to benefit the Hawks Lunch Bunch meals program.

Store manager Sherry B. in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming recently provided a local family with the supplies and essentials they needed when facing financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic. After overhearing a family in her community attempting to pool enough money to buy a half gallon of milk while shopping in her Dollar General store, Sherry immediately stepped in to help. In the true spirit of Serving Others, she provided the family with a $50 shopping spree for basic supplies and essentials out of her own pocket.

Because of Sherry’s act of kindness, Dollar General donated $1,000 to the Laramie County School District 2.


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