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Food For the Hungry

Because So Much Is Riding On Your Food For the Hungry

Food Safety: Project To Feed The Hungry To Get Rolling In November | Kochi News

Kochi: The food safety department is joining hands with associations of restaurants, caterers, bakers and NGOs to ensure that no needy person goes hungry in the district.
The decision to kick off the campaign ‘Save Food, Share Food, Share Joy’ from November was made at a meeting convened by the food safety department.
Under the programme, the needy will be identified and provided food with the support of the sponsors and hoteliers, and caterers who are willing to donate food. NGOs will pitch in by conducting a survey to identify the poor and the needy at the ground level.
A committee has been formed comprising 12 members from various sectors for executing the project. “The NGOs know how many needy people are there in the district. More studies will be conducted to identify them before holding another meeting on October 30 to decide on project implementation,” said an official with the food safety department.
A portal has been developed by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India to upload the details of beneficiaries, eateries and NGOs,” the fficial added.
The NGO’s will update the portal regularly so that the sponsors can know a day earlier about the number of targeted beneficiaries. The sponsors will, in turn, express their willingness to sponsor the food, on the portal.
“The portal will get blocked at 2pm, which means the food can’t be served after that. We will consider the food collected from the hotels after 2pm as stale food,” said the official.
The food safety department will collect details on the list of beneficiaries from NGOs every month.
At the meeting, the NGOs informed that several orphanages in the district have come forward requesting them to provide food for their inmates.
A stakeholder expressed willingness to sponsor snacks for around 57 inmates daily at an old age home in Koonammavu, it was informed at the meeting.
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