• Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Food For the Hungry

Because So Much Is Riding On Your Food For the Hungry

In feeding Milwaukee’s hungry, stand in awe, not in judgment

A sign at Kinship Community Food Center in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood calls the center a "Community of Generosity."

For over 40 years, the Riverwest Food Pantry has served food to the hungry out of St. Casimir Church and Gaenslen School. Food pantries and meal sites are among the rare places in our divided city where thousands of families in need and thousands of affluent volunteers pour through the very same doors.

I fell into running our center 10 years ago, inheriting this work from an amazing group of mostly women in their 70s. Running a pantry was not in my life plan. I wasn’t interested in charity work. I wanted to do something that would fix poverty and change the entrenched systems that perpetuate the need for charity.

But what happened profoundly changed me and altered my conception of how to work for justice in our city. As the people I was there to serve received me and shared their life with me, I realized my needs and their needs, my brokenness and their brokenness, were the same.


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