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Food For the Hungry

Because So Much Is Riding On Your Food For the Hungry

Local food pantries in Wisconsin rely on generous reader donations.

Carol Wallace of Kewaunee selects onions for her food basket at the Kewaunee County Food Pantry as director Ken Marquardt looks on. Wallace is a volunteer at the Algoma pantry as well as a client.

There is no more basic human need than food.

It’s something we take for granted, but the sad truth is that thousands of our neighbors lack access to enough healthy food. The consequences of this are enormous, yet we don’t always make the connection between chronic hunger and social ills or see how food insecurity can rob children of the chance to develop to their full potential.

Throughout the month of October, journalists in our newsrooms have been writing about hunger in local communities. We consider it part of our core mission to inform the public about problems so that people can learn, understand and act on those issues. Equally important, is highlighting the efforts of dedicated volunteers, organizations and individuals to make things better and help others.

EVERY DOLLAR HELPS:Donate to Stock the Shelves

The good news is that organizations like Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin continue to work tirelessly to meet the needs. As a food bank, they use buying power, smart logistics and a network of relationships with food pantries to make a big impact.  Family-owned farms have donated surplus produce pantries and businesses of all sizes will be holding food drives as the holiday season approaches. As we’ve slowly recovered from the emergency of the pandemic, the economic hardships haven’t disappeared, though.


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