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Oxfam Australia expenses the billionaires who can pay for to end poverty in new function by using Bullfrog – Campaign Transient

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Oxfam Australia bills the billionaires who can afford to end poverty in new work via Bullfrog

To enable Oxfam Australia have interaction Aussies on the issue of severe wealth inequality, Bullfrog has partnered with Bone Digital to produce the Trillion Greenback Invoice a receipt listing over 8.4 billion merchandise that the world’s 10 richest folks can afford to pay for to purchase – including the answers to ending poverty.


The world’s 10 richest people have over $1 trillion involving them. That obscene sum of prosperity is essentially plenty of to stop world-wide poverty, with billions remaining in excess of.

So, why is not the other 99% of the environment protesting about this? Study has shown that the human mind is unable to compute the benefit of that a lot of zeros. We simply just just can’t understand what a trillion dollars basically signifies.

To explain the ever-growing wealth hole and support contextualise just how considerably prosperity we’re really dealing with listed here, Oxfam Australia has partnered with Bullfrog and Bone Electronic to make the Trillion Dollar Monthly bill – a seemingly endless itemised receipt detailing all the things the world’s 10 richest individuals could pay for to get, which includes numerous answers to entire world poverty.

The Trillion Dollar Invoice contains 8.4 billion objects, ranging from day-to-day purchases, to a lot more high priced luxuries only the 1% can find the money for.

Claims Lauren Eddy, senior copywriter at Bullfrog: “We needed to demonstrate that practically nothing is out of get to for the tremendous-prosperous. So of course there are private islands, Bentleys and Publish Malone’s diamond pinky ring. But which is chump alter. Search intently and you are going to locate a lot more unique luxuries, like SpaceX flights, the Burj Khalifa, or Twitter – which, incidentally, is extra highly-priced than giving meals stability to 490 million hungry persons.”

Most importantly, Oxfam Australia has also highlighted distinctive goods on the receipt, these as world-wide humanitarian assist and starvation aid, that will make it more difficult for billionaires to ignore these (seriously pretty cost-effective) answers to ending poverty.

Suggests Mike Doman, govt system director at Bullfrog: “Our strategy was to obtain an entertaining way of quantifying the wide sum of income these billionaires have. Then, we could suggest considerably much more constructive ways of spending it, by way of Oxfam’s proposed wealth tax on the super-abundant and, domestically, by opposing stage 3 tax cuts.”

The Trillion Greenback Bill will be promoted throughout social, PR and through the future Melbourne Intercontinental Comedy Pageant, encouraging Australians to reshare and tag a billionaire to mail them the monthly bill.

See the web page: https://www.oxfam.org.au/taxbillionaires/

Client: Oxfam Australia

Inventive & Method: Bullfrog
CEO: Dalton Henshaw
Running Director: Matilda Hobba
Govt Strategy Director: Mike Doman
Approach Director: Ben Thomas
Govt Artistic Administrators: Dan Sparkes & Elle Bullen
Senior Business Supervisor: Megan Wailes
Senior Artwork Director: Katarina Matic
Senior Copywriter: Lauren Eddy
Senior Designer: Alex Roby

Website Development: Bone Digital
General Manager: Simon Hipgrave
Chief Technical Officer: James Burke
Head of Functions: Luci Trotter


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