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Food For the Hungry

Because So Much Is Riding On Your Food For the Hungry

SlimFast Diet Review – Forbes Health

The SlimFast weight loss program is built on the concept of meal plans and SlimFast meal replacements. Users are able to choose from five SlimFast plans, each of which is created to fit a different lifestyle. These plan options include the Favorite Foods Plan, Keto Plan, High Protein/Low Carb Plan, Original Plan and the Intermittent Fasting Plan. The plans themselves are free, however customers must purchase SlimFast meal replacement products. There is no set timeframe for the SlimFast diet, as it’s intended to be customizable for each user’s specific weight loss goals and needs.

Meal replacements include smoothies and shakes, as well as snacks, such as SlimFast Snack Bar Minis and SlimFast Keto Fat Bombs. Additionally, customers are able to use the SlimFast Together app to further personalize their experience and find support in the SlimFast community.

SlimFast promotes itself as a weight loss plan consisting of three easy steps. Step one is eating one “sensible” meal per day, according to the company, though what qualifies as sensible is not not clearly defined on the SlimFast website and the definition can depend on the type of diet you choose to follow (keto, diabetes, low carb). Recipes for this meal are provided on the SlimFast website and app. The website specifies that you can enjoy your favorite foods and that no foods are off limits, meaning you can indulge in healthy portions of any food you choose for this meal.

Step two consists of replacing two meals a day with SlimFast products including shakes, smoothies and bars. Step three is enjoying three snacks per day in between meals, including SlimFast snacks or any low-calorie snack of choice.

The company website provides plan-approved recipes for users to try, such as French vanilla blackberry pancakes for breakfast, a chicken vegetable teriyaki bowl for lunch or a salmon nicoise salad for dinner. Each recipe lists the number of servings per recipe. The plan assumes you eat one serving per prepared meal. Which meal you choose to make and which meals you choose to replace with SlimFast meal replacements is for you to decide. For example, you can choose to replace lunch and dinner and make plan-approved pancakes for breakfast or opt to replace breakfast and dinner and make a plan-approved chicken vegetable teriyaki bowl for dinner.

The SlimFast Together app is free and allows customers to personalize their weight loss journey by providing meal planning tools that allow customers to customize menus according to their food preferences. Smoothies, shakes and snacks for the two daily meal replacements and three daily snacks can be purchased via the SlimFast website or app. The app also provides tools to track progress, which include the ability to measure water intake, activity, body measurements, sleep quality and stress levels.

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