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In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a parcel be stated on the deed. However a tax stamp at the rate of $2 for every $1,000 in value is affixed to each deed.

Recent real estate transfers recorded in the Surry County Register of Deed’s office include:

– Ashley Cave Davis and Shannon R. Davis to Josey Cristal Montalvo and Uriel Secundino; two tracts Dobson; $364.

– Richard Price to Jerry Price; tract Franklin; $48.

– Curtis James Connelly and Denise Evan Connelly to James F. Yokley II; 1.38 acres; $30.

– Piper Angel to Dennis Angel and Robin Angel; ten tracts; $0.

– Whitney Merkel White to HRS Property Group, LLC; tract one lots 25-28 and tract two lots 29-30 Ida B. Muse subdivision PB 3 129 estate of Ida B. Muse; $74.

– Millrode Forest Partnership and Norma R. Hiatt to Rebecca Claire Montgomery; lot 32 section 6 Millrode Forest PB 12 77-78 Mount Airy; $0.

– Millrode Forest Partnership and Norma R. Hiatt to Campbell Grant Montgomery; lots 30-31 section 6 Millerode Forest PB 12 77-78 Mount Airy; $0.

– Millrode Forest Partnership and Norma R. Hiatt to Stephen Paul Dowell; lot 40 section 6 Millerode Forest PB 12 77-78 Mount Airy; $6.

– Donna Hiatt Childress, Jack R. Childress, Kathryn Hiatt Beckham, Richard William Beckham and Virginia Paige Hiatt Horton to Redoak Development, LLC; 0.425 acres Mount Airy; $170.

– Randy Scott Shur and Angela Shur to Miss Angels Farm & Orchard, LLC; 0.806 acres PB 41 52 Stewarts Creek; $0.

– CMH Homes, Inc. and Jonathan Lane Harrell to Dakota L. Martel; lot 10 Oakview subdivision PB 14 8; $507.

– Janice Nunn Moore to Dustin Hostetter; 1.76 acres tract Shoals Road; $464.

– Sara Elizabeth Midkiff Smith, Charles David Smith, Jeannine Dumond and Darold Dumond to Matthew Ryan Ingram and Natasha McKinney Ingram; 4.067 acres PB 41 27 Mount Airy; $560.

– Lou Watson Sizemore to Kenneth William Watson; tract Mount Airy; $0.

– JDP Zephyr, LLC to LOA Properties, LLC; 2.15 acres Bryan; $40.

– James W. Collins Jr. and Sandra S. Collins to Carlos Javier Cardona Salcedo; lot 4 block A Fancy Acres subdivision PB 6 163 Mount Airy; $320.

– Sean Scallan to Guadalupe Castillo; 15.855 acres PB 39 183 Mount Airy; $96.

– Dorothy Simmons Granto Trust, Carl Edward Simmons Granto Trust, Scarlett Lynn Simmons Dowdy, Dorothy Simmons and Carl Edward Simmons to Chad Grayson Gough and Kimberly Sanders Gough; 0.64 acres new lot PB 41 2 Stewarts Creek; $140.

– IJK Counsulting, LLC to Cody Beck; 1.918 acres tract one Mount Airy; $400.

– Leon G. Hiatt Sr. and Leon Grant Hiatt to Charmaine L. Gudgeon; tract one 9.209 acres tract two 1.024 acres PB 41 56 Mount Airy; $900.

– Derek A. Taylor to Rosa Amelia Kelly and Matthew Joseph Kelly; 7.460 acres Bryan; $580.

– Richard Duncan and Michelle Lee Duncan to Kayla Marie Lambert; tract one tract; $240.

– Carolyn Bledsoe to Gustavo Angel Nava Rodriguez and Sandra Alonzo Mertinez; 1.54 acres Marsh; $84.

– Brannock Properties, LLC to Mayberry Esso, LLC; four tracts Mount Airy; $1,250.

– Branco Properties, LLC to Surry Endeavor, LLC; tract one 2.85 acres and tract two 0.60 acres Mount Airy; $350.

– Treva Junior Kirkman and Gretchen H. Kirkman to Kelly Goad Bates and Anthony Bates; tract one PB 33 21 Mount Airy; $326.

– Morgan and Co. Properties, LLC to Katherine Miriam Burnett Conely; 30,000 sq ft PB 39 189 Mount Airy; $370.

– Amy R. Baker to Amy Marie Shaw; lot 20 section II Reeves Wood subdivision PB 8 104 Mount Airy; $184.

– James Bradley Arrington and Meghan Emily Gipple to James Bradley Arrington; lots 92-96 and portion of lots 97-98 E.F. Tolbert land PB 3 25 Mount Airy; $0.

– Joseph Ervin Odum and Frances Ann Odum to Alcira Martinez; lots 57-62 PB 3 27 Mount Airy; $210.

– Sharon Kay Bullins, Jason Simmons, Brandy Simmons, Tasha S. McCord, Gabriel A. McCord, Kayla DeHart and Corey DeHart to Challie A. Minton Jr. and Catherine Perkins Minton; 1.46 acres Franklin; $180.

– Robert Lee Coe Jr. and Melissa J. Coe to Stone Peak Investments, LLC; 0.4 acres Elkin; $70.

– Mark Andrew Fleshman and Julia Fleshman to The David J. Friedman Trust and David J. Friedman; 3.626 acres Siloam; $894.

– Billy Ray Hiatt and Derae Nelson Hiatt to Christopher Allen Hiatt and Melissa W. Hiatt; tract one 2.98 acres tract two PB 34 199 and tract two tract; $0.

– Christopher T. Short and Tara L. Marion to Michael T. Stamm and Dellarie D. Stamm; 4.45 acres; $1,130.

– Estate of Atha Jean Inman Collins, Gary Lee Nunn, Atha Jean Inamn Collins, Linda Nunn and Vicky Lynn Bobbitt to Jennifer Bobbitt; tract one tract and tract two 0.353 acres tract three PB 25 133 estate of Atha Jean Inman Collins file 20 E 202; $202.

– Estate of Donald Ray Gravely, Mark S. Royster, Clara V. Easter, Donald Ray Gravely, Carole E. Hensle, Mary Baughn Greene and David P. Hiatt to Mary B. Greene; commisioners deed lots 54-55 Mountain View development Mount Airy estate of Donald Ray Gravely file 22 SP 21; $2.

– Donna S. Newman to James E. Rammell Jr. and Phyllis Belton Rammell; condominium deed unit 4-G Renfro Lofts Condominiums bk 1 pg 150-176; $620.

– Talal Nakhle to Tony Nakhle; 22 acres tract 17 and tract 22 22.93 acres Marshall Ney Properties, PB 1 207 Mount Airy; $20.

– Joyce K. Coe and Joyce Shores Coe to Robert Lee Coe Jr.; tract 9056 US 601; $1.

– Richard Price to Jerry Price; tract Franklin; $0.

– Estate of Royal Brent Crissman, Michelle D. Lewis, Colin W. Lewis, Emily Main, Daniel Main, Betty Pierce, Junior Crissman, Jannie Crissman, Buffy Crissman Hall and Royal Brent Crissman to Edgar Trejo and Antonio Trejo; four tract estate of Royal Brent Crissman 22 E 286; $128.

– Alisha Marie Marshall and Joshua Lee Marshall to Thomas A. Kokoruda and Gail F. Kokoruda; 11.812 acres Westfield; $92.

– Amanda Badgett Moser and Dallas Lee Moser to Kevin Paul Johnson and Kimberly Lynn Johnson; 2 acres Dobson; $500.

– Timothy W. Smith to Bryce Mahoney and Charissa Mahoney; 0.127 acres tract one PB 40 21; $0.

– Dianne S. Hunter, James C. Short, Linda M. Short, Janice S. Epperson, Steve L. Epperson, Marilyn S. Cook and Jerry A. Cook to Terry J. Mercer and Laura Yvette Mercer; tract one tract and tract two .89 acres Mount Airy; $94.

– Kevin Ray Nunn, Kelly K. Nunn, Jamie Rebecca Marshall, Jamie Nunn Linville and Kenneth Marshall to Jamie Rebecca Marshall; 4.50 acres Westfield; $26.

– Pamela E. Sinclair to Sandra L. Richman and William E. Richman; tract one .479 acres tract A lots 21-25 W. Fulton property PB 1 120 and PB 29 161 and tract two 0.127 acres tract B lots 35-36 J. Will Prather and F.S. Beamer subdivision PB 1 119 and PB 29 161 Mount Airy; $694.

– David L. Powell and Lindsey D. Powell to Matthew Christopher Mits; 1.474 acres Elkin; $710.

– Nguyen Kha Cong and Hein Thu Le to Pamela Kay Fisher; tract Mount Airy; $296.

– Leslie Lee Handy to Anne D. Handy; lots 91-93 and 163-164 and portions of lots 94-95 and 161-162 PB 3 155; $0.


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