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Wetherspoons announces pay rise for thousands of staff taking rate to over £10 an hour

Spoons workers have been told they will get an increase in pay from April 1, meaning all staff are earning more than the National Living Wage and also above £10 an hour

A member of the bar staff pulls a pint in a Wetherspoons pub in Leigh, Greater Manchester
Workers at Wetherspoons are just one group to enjoy a pay rise recently

Thousands of Wetherspoons workers are earning more than £10 an hour for the first time after a mass pay rise.

The 20p pay hike means many Spoons staff are earning above £10 an hour, though exact hourly salaries vary.

The increase in pay means all Wetherspoons staff are getting more than the National Living Wage, currently £9.50 per hour.

A Wetherspoons spokesperson told the Sun the pay rise came in on April 1.

The spokesperson added: “We review pay once or twice a year and try to remain competitive within the hospitality industry.”

On April 1 the National Living Wage for workers over the age of 23 went up by 82p to £9.50.

The hourly rate for earners aged 21-22 rose by £9.18 an hour, up from £8.36.

The apprentice rate also went up from £4.30 an hour to £4.81.

Household name firms like Tesco then announced a pay rise for 280,000 store and depot staff, with hourly paid workers in line for a 5.8% increase.

Employees in branches and Tesco’s customer fulfilment centres will see their pay go from £9.55 to £10.10 an hour from July 24.

Big Four giant Sainsbury’s also increased pay for its basic rate workers earlier this month, paying £10 an hour in London and £9.90 outside the capital.

But customers at Wetherspoons face paying more for their pints after the pub chain reportedly increased its prices earlier this month.

For most parts of the UK, pints are said to have increased by 10p but Londoners will be paying an extra 20p for each pint.

This is about a two per cent increase in the UK – and a four per cent increase in the capital.

The prices went up at the beginning of the month.

A Wetherspoons spokesperson said: “Occasionally Wetherspoon does increase the price of its drinks. We always aim to keep our prices as competitive as possible.

“Prices on drinks in the majority of our pubs have increased by an average 10p from Tuesday March 1, with an increase of 20p in pubs in and around London.

“This represents an average two per cent increase in the majority of Wetherspoon pubs and four per cent in pubs in and around London.

“We believe that our drinks offer still represents great value-for-money.”

Last month Wetherspoons stopped selling Russian beer following the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

The much-loved pub chain has said bottles of Baltika Lager – which is brewed in St Petersburg, the birthplace of Vladimir Putin – has been axed at its 870 boozers.

All bottles of the Russian beer – which cost £2.99 – will be returned to distributor Carlsberg.

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